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Nuance supports a user group for Dragon users. Events take place online and in major cities. Sign up to keep in touch with the Dragon community.

Dragonology Live – Brisbane (Highlights)

Jeff Leiman, senior program manager, R&D, at Nuance Communications, shares an overview of Dragon on macOS systems and the features of Dragon Professional Individual for Mac 6. Learn how best to make best use of Dragon on macOS.

Dragonology Live – Brisbane (Highlights)

Our Dragonology Live event in Brisbane went off without a hitch, with the drinks and conversation both flowing aplenty.  Check out the full presentation to hear all the tips and tricks discussed, as well as new and exciting ways to interact with your Dragon.

Dragonology Live – Brisbane (Full Proceedings)

In the presentation above, find out a myriad of tips on how to tweak Dragon, such as increasing speech recognition accuracy, using transcription capabilities, working with voice commands and so on.

Dragonology Online: DARE to Speak!

Ensuring that all students are able to access educational opportunities is a goal close to the hearts of many of us who work with Dragon speech recognition.

Shannon Chapman and Melissa Nicholls from DARE have a special interest in helping school-aged students with literacy disorders via ‘traditional’ intervention, and assistive technologies.  They join us above Sydney to share their skills and experience with you.

Dragonology Live – Melbourne (Highlights)

Highlights from the Melbourne launch event (16 March 2016). Dragonology is a user group for people who use Dragon speech recognition to write documents faster.

Dragonology Live – Melbourne (Full Proceedings)

Full proceedings of the Dragonology Live event held in Melbourne on 16 March 2016.

Dragonology Online: The Professionals

Our second webcast had quite a healthy viewership!  Check out the full video above.

Dragonology Online: Taming your Dragon

Our second Dragonology event (and first Dragonology Online event) was a great success!  Above is the full video archive.

Dragonology Launch Event – Proceedings

This video is a recording of proceedings of the inaugural meeting of Dragonology, an organisation for users of Dragon speech recognition, held in Sydney, Australia, on 28 October 2015.

Highlights of the Dragonology Launch Event

Get a feeling for what it was like to be at the Dragonology launch event held in Sydney, Australia, on 28 October 2015. Dragonology is a user group for people who use Dragon speech recognition to write documents faster.